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Benefits of Chair Massage

On-Site Chair Massage: An Easy, Economical Way to Reward Your Team

Employee Benefits News reports that The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress in the workplace costs U.S. corporations over $300 billion annually.  According to Fast Company, a weekly 15-minute chair massage can work wonders for your company. A low cost way to show how much you value your employees, corporate chair massage can have an immediate impact to refresh and refocus your team.

Benefits of Chair Massage
The positive effects of chair massage therapy provide the benefits of traditional, hour-long bodywork in a quick and accessible manner. Help your employees maintain peak performance with a customized massage, delivered conveniently in the workplace.

  • Relieved stress
  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased ability to attract and retain top corporate talent
  • Improved morale, drive and engagement